Do I Need a DCIM Solution?

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is a powerful tool you can implement in your data center to help you better manage all aspects of your data center.   But why do you need one?

DCIM solutions can answer all these important questions below.

    • Asset Management
      • What assets do I have in my data center?
      • How are they connected?
      • Who owns the equipment?
    • Capacity Management
      • How much space, power, cooling and connectivity do I have?
      • Where are the best places to deploy new equipment?
    • Change Management / Workflow
      • How do I manage the workload?
      • Who does the work?
      • Is there a workflow process for my staff?
    • Power Management
      • What is being consumed?
      • How much power is available?
      • How can I ensure availability and uptime?
    • Environmental Management
      • How can I manage hot spots in my data center?
      • Am I overcooling my data center?
      • How can I maintain a safe environment for my data center assets?
      • Do I have assets not being utilized that I can remove to recover space, power, cooling, etc.  (Note:  Many customers have approximately 30% of assets that are not being utilized).
    • Energy Management
      • How can I save energy and cost?
    •  How much am I spending on energy?


  • Who is using the most energy and who is meeting our energy-saving goals?
  • Reporting
    • Reports available with the click of a button with details of the data center capacity and productivity that supports executive and operations level information allowing to make proactive business decisions


Nearly every data center manager needs some subset of these questions answered and proper tools to do same.  Remember there are few if any real “one size fits all” solutions for all these questions, so the next questions is which questions are my priorities and what is the most efficient tool to help me answer and maintain that information.  Contact Asset VUE below to review your priorities.

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