Eliminating manual IT audits for higher education organizations

UPenn_CustomerThere are many different challenges our customers have brought to us at Asset Vue.   One of our favorite things is to get involved in process engineering and helping our customers achieve success.  Since our background is developing operational procedures and solutions as members of corporate teams for the majority of our careers, often customers rely on our experience to assist them and marry a process and technology solutions.

In one such instance, the data processing and IT management team for a major university was challenged with the need to more accurately track their asset lifecycle and leverage tools to help them manage the associated pieces tied to asset management such as ticketing systems, financial systems and many other applications which require integrated solutions. 

That’s what we do at Asset Vue.

Our team helped them implement our Asset Vue Inventory software for IT operations across their organization.  This included leveraging our applications as part of the planning for moving into a new data center and maintaining critical information.  By using our software, this customer was able to all but eliminate the manual labor behind their audits and asset management work, consolidate tools and establish a world class solution.  With asset location and status accessible in real time and a reduction - if not complete elimination - of human error in auditing and tracking assets, the team was able to more accurately report back to other divisions the costs of their work and charge those other budgets accordingly.   

Any organization that relies on IT assets to function can benefit from relying less on the manual efforts of humans to catalog and track those assets and manage their associated information and contracts.  Doing so doesn't only save time, but also reduces the cost of IT asset management and audits.

This is of course critical in any data center environment, but colleges, universities, and school districts that process and manage their own data or increasingly offer world-class, in-house IT services to their employees and students absolutely need the same level of visibility as any corporate data center.

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