Migrations – The right time to implement RFID

The migration of a data center no matter the size is not an easy thing to accomplish.  Planning and coordination up front is the key to success!

Prior to migrating equipment having all of the required asset information such as number of devices, device types, application hardware, and software configurations updated is paramount. It is not uncommon for managers to think their data is up to date only to find that during a migration that critical information is missing or inaccurate. This leads to missed commitments and costly and time consuming resolutions during migrations at a time the company can least afford it and windows to get work completed are already tight.

Having an updated/accurate inventory is one of the biggest challenges in the data center today. Barcoding is an improvement over the traditional visual method of validation of assets. RFID is emerging as the technology best suited for tracking assets and keeping asset information updated with the added benefit; accuracy of information increases considerably. In many cases the ROI is surprisingly fast with an ROI often achieved in as little as one year.

With RFID technology migrations become much easier and tracking of equipment through all steps of the migration helps to assure a successful move of technology assets. During the planning phase of a migration project is a great time to upgrade to an RFID solution as you can not only reduce the planning and execution cycles you can ensure that you have an ongoing asset tracking process that will ensure 99.9% accuracy of information.

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