Reflections on Independence Day


Independence Day has always been a favorite holiday for me, but this year has brought a renewed appreciation of our freedoms. Staying at home, coupled with this holiday, I have been thinking a lot about the founding of our country. Patriots in the 18th century fought for independence to build a new nation. As a business based in the Philadelphia area, we’re fortunate to have this history surround us. Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and Betsy Ross’s house are just a few of the landmarks found in downtown Philadelphia. The city is bordered on the east by that famous river General Washington crossed, the Delaware River, and not too far to the west is Valley Forge.

Reflecting on Independence Day, I can see how this history and appreciation of independence has rubbed off on me and shaped my career. I treasure the opportunity that I had to join my two other partners in starting our own business, Asset Vue. There is great appreciation in having the independence to build an organization from scratch, just as those patriots built a country from scratch nearly 250 years ago. There’s also the independence we’ve had to build products we knew clients would value, because we were once in their shoes. We even shape our products through the lens of independence. Our software allows you to automate your auditing, freeing you from the frustration of manual audits. Also, we recently launched our Asset Vue Mobile app. With this app, we want to give asset managers the flexibility to scan assets with their mobile device so they can be independent of the cart and laptop. Our app also provides you the freedom to manage and report on your assets; anytime from anywhere.

We hope you and your loved ones have a great Independence Day. If you’d like to connect to discuss business or what this day means to you, feel free to reach out to me at Take care and enjoy the holiday!

Gary Aron

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