Resolving Data Center Concerns through Regional Forum

Every 3 to 4 months, Asset Vue hosts a regional Data Center Users' Forum (DCUF).  The mission of the DCUF is to provide a commercial free forum where members collaborate on relevant mission-critical issues, new technologies, customer testimonials, and best practices affecting reliability, availability, and lowest cost of operation.  Each forum is a half day committment which is easily divided into three sections: an open forum to discuss the groups "top of mind" concerns, a vendor spotlight, and an End User spotlight.

Last Friday, the DCUF, which includes IT and facilities professionals from multiple industry types, discussed various topics including:  Data Center Infrastructure Management strategies (DCIM), metering and trending, bridging the gap between IT and Facilities, outsourcing vs. keeping everything in-house, industry power trends, passive RFID asset management,  data center management, containment, power outage/root cause analysis.

We concluded the meeting with a presentation on ITIL RCA (Root Cause Analysis) by a nationally recognized speaker and ITIL expert.