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Asset Vue Inventory is an ITAM solution that includes all the hardware and software required to monitor assets within a data center or an entire facility.  Our completely web-based application allows for faster deployment and scalability to environments of any size.

You can see for yourself how easy to implement our platform can be with a 30-minute software demonstration from the Asset Vue team. With a few clicks and a few questions, we'll be able demonstrate how quickly you can learn more about your assets right now and how to leverage that information to improve your operation immediately.

What you can expect to learn from a 30-minute demo of Asset Vue Inventory:

  • How easy it can be to see what an asset is in a facility, whether its in it's rack or in transit
  • How to identify chokepoints in your asset managements process and ways to alleviate them to increase productivity
  • Which assets are functioning properly and which are in need of maintenance
  • How simple it can be to run a few reports and create a replacement plan for assets approaching the end of warranty or obsolete assets.

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